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One Wellness Network

Integrative Therapies Studio

Our team at OWN-IT is very pleased to welcome you to an intimate and gracious studio featuring new and innovative wellness modalities


We are very excited to offer technologies that have been used all around the world to bring wholeness – or ONE-ness – to our body, mind, and spirit.

Blu Room® Session

Single and multi-session packages available. Introductory sessions – $60 (regular $75). Please call us to customize a plan for you.

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This therapy utilizes non-invasive, safe magnetic energy that stimulates our own body’s cells to be restored and regenerated. Sessions start at $40.

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Longevity Room

Integrative Lifestyle Practitioners

Using the best from conventional therapies as well as natural and innovative therapies.

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The Blu Room®

The Blu Room® is a patented health technology that insulates the users from the daily environment. Suitable for all ages from children to the elderly. Housed in a unique 8-sided room with glistening stainless-steel mirrors, the Blu Room® uses narrow band UVB light therapy, sound and gentle vibration to promote holistic mind and body relaxation; thereby, reducing stress. Sound is a special form of transmission of information and is at the core of all things. It has a stimulation effect on mind and matter. Listening to music can stimulate the imagination in many directions; it may arouse memories of past experience or blast into future potentialities.

Users have reported a wide range of personal benefits, including: improved health and well-being, deep states of relaxation, relief from physical pain, mental stress and anxiety, faster healing process, increased creativity and greater self-awareness, and a significant source of Vitamin D.




Our studio also offers PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) & Infrared Therapy. Our clinical model is the Omnium1 PEMF System manufactured by Swiss Bionic Solutions, one of the most advanced PEMF therapies, which also includes infrared and biofeedback. This therapy – used widely for over 35 years – utilizes non-invasive, safe magnetic energy that stimulates our own body’s cells to be restored and regenerated. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been helpful – among other things – in relieving pain; providing better sleep, and more energy; and reducing inflammation and stress for faster healing.


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